Possession of the league's most underrated strongman The Rockets array

Beijing time on November 28 , two -game winning streak of the Houston Rockets sits at home , back to back against the second two -game losing streak and Atlanta Hawks . Recent outstanding performance of " rich handsome " Chandler - Parsons , nba christmas jerseys the field is still one of the Rockets most consistent player on the field . Overall , he was 6 of 11 shots , including 2 of 6 from three-pointers , scored 14 points, five rebounds and four assists , including 12 points from the first half. 113-84 Rockets also get three in a row.

Parsons recently hit high, from November 14 win over the Knicks began to reverse the Grizzlies on a road , six games down the four games he nba christmas day uniforms has hit rate reaches or exceeds 50% hit rate as high as 61.5% , there are 21 three-pointers also shot 10 . Rockets can get 5 wins and 1 loss in the last six war, as one of the most stable output Parsons tribute . nba christmas uniforms Under these circumstances , he has been suffering from back problems or in distress, and the start -pointers adjust -hand played poorly ( the first six games in only four of 21 shots ) is achieved , not easy.

Parsons is fast nba christmas jerseys and the field into the role . The first section , on the 5 on 3 Parsons scored seven points, three rebounds , 8 halftime he also scored 12 points and shot 5 4 rebounds, 4 from 2 -pointers , and the same ultra-high hit rate scored 14 cheap nba christmas day uniforms points and Terrence - Jones , becoming the only halftime score in double rocket player 2 .

Parsons is not only scoring output , and a few score very critical . The first section of 4 minutes and 33 seconds after his layup , nba christmas day uniforms the Rockets into a 2-minute scoring drought , the opponent the opportunity to play a 6-0 , will be sent closer to 15-20 , but this time to come , " bleeding " of what Pa Vincennes , he was 2 minutes and 27 seconds from the start with 5 points , points difference instantly returned 10 points. Section 4 minutes 30 seconds ,nba christmas jerseys 2013 the Eagles again Chase to only 3 points, to come forward at this time is Parsons hit three-pointers , to teammates reassurance .

Of course , nba christmas jerseys Parsons the field in the second half performance was very different . He won Section 2 shots , scored only 2 points . A data very striking, so after three quarters , the Rockets actually had four fast-break points, the Eagles hit rate is not low ( the first three quarters reached 45.5% ) , and the emphasis back on defense , leading to the survival of a magic rocket failure . Fortunately , there are half a rocket -pointers this magic ( 8 of 15 christmas day nba uniforms shots ) , but in the third quarter , and even this is out of order ( 5 single shot 1 ) . Thus, the rocket attack was caught Zhise this section , the Eagles relied storm inside ( inside scoring single to 16-8 lead ) , repeatedly approaching the score .

Fortunately, there nba christmas day uniforms are many problems Hawks , Rockets were able to escape, and finally solve the big bang in the distal opponents . Pointer with 4 minutes 20 seconds , leading the Rockets to 102-84 , the outcome has been determined , cheap nba christmas jerseys Parsons has also been replaced . Throughout the second half, he is only 2 points .

But even so , nba christmas jerseys the performance of the rocket leader in this field is still worthy of recognition. In addition to scoring , he also dished out four assists in the audience , and Dwight - Howard , Aaron - Brooks tied for first in the team , a great christmas day uniforms nba organization forward posture. If Parsons can continue this performance , then, Daryl - Morey will definitely pay big bucks to retain it for the captain 's heart.