How A Barbour Quilted Jacket Manages To Keep You Warmer Than Other Coats

There isn’t one good reason why so many people for so long have chosen to buy a Barbour quilted jacket. In fact there are several, and in this article we’ll look at the main reasons why people do choose Barbour for their quilted jackets so that you can choose your next coat carefully. You next coat might not be a Barbour quilted jacket, but barbour international by knowing how Barbour have managed to create such a name for themselves, and why they are so popular with so many people around the world, you can at least compare any coat billig Barbour Sale you do come across in a way that’s more likely to give you an idea of what to look out for.The main reason for choosing a quilted coat or jacket is for the warmth, because most quilted coats aren’t designed to be waterproof.

Being water resistant means that a light rain however will be fine, but heavy rain will soon start to seep through the outer layer of the coat. Once it does this it will very quickly be absorbed by the down filling inside, and this will have three effects. Firstly, it will make the coat heavy, secondly the water will quickly reach through to your skin and thirdly, the coat will no longer provide you with the level of protection against the cold that you need. So quilted jackets aren’t for heavy rain or prolonged wet weather, but brief showers will be fine.The single main reason for choosing a quilted jacket is for the warmth it offers.

Because the fine down barbour jacke works much better than the coarse down you will want a coat barbour online with a high mix of fine to coarse. Some cheaper coats only use coarse down, or a fifty-fifty mix, but this won’t give you anywhere near the same level of warmth. Barbour quilted jackets are usually around an 80% mix of fine down to coarse down, which is what makes them so snug and warm, even after several hours of being exposed to bitterly cold conditions.Another thing to look out for when choosing a quilted coat is the stitching which creates small padded pockets across the whole coat. Barbour uses a small diamond pattern that’s fairly distinctive, but this isn’t just for show. Without this stitching the coarse down, which is heavier, would simply sink to the bottom, and the fine down would start to become compacted too.

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