The hood is small enough that you can even Barbour Beaufort jacket fold

The beauty of a Barbour Beaufort jacket is the small features and added extras. Take for example barbour sale the collar; with studs added you are able to buy a separate Barbour hood to match your Barbour Beaufort jacket, and simply attach it to the collar with the press studs. The hood is small enough that you can even just fold it up and keep barbour international it in one of the front bellow pockets, just so you know that it’s there if you need it.Another great feature of the Barbour Beaufort jacket is the storm flap. Found under the left-hand side of the collar, in wet and windy weather this can be fastened across the top of your neck to keep out the wind and rain o?perfect for British weather! If keeping warm and dry is a concern, one of the best features of the Barbour Beaufort is the zip found inside the jacket. This allows you to add a separate liner, such as the Barbour Mens Polarquilt zip in Liner which adds a warm layer in colder weather, allowing you to wear your Barbour all year round.

Where would we be without handwarmer pockets? Typically lined with fleece or soft felt-like material, these are a c. The pockets on the Barbour Beaufort jacket have been engineered so that they are at just the right height on the jacket to feel comfortable when you use them. Although you probably won’t want to use them to keep anything valuable in as barbour outlet they are not zipped, they will certainly keep your hands warm and dry. If the pockets do happen to get wet you can simply pull them inside out while they dry.

For any keep shooters the Barbour Beaufort jacket comes with a poachers pocket neatly tucked away at the back of the jacket. Two zips open up the pocket when you wish to use it, and things can be barbour online shop securely zipped away. Although this pocket may not be used by many people wearing the jacket, the versatility and discreet design makes this a great jacket for anyone to own. If you are a shooter it is also worth mentioning the front two bellow pockets. These come with drainage holes so that you can keep your pockets open when they’re full of cartridges even on rainy days, and the water isn’t going to pool inside.It’s great to see the effort, thought and design which goes into a Barbour product, giving you confidence that when you wear it, it will be usable as well as an absolute classic.

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