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League Bowling

Fall leagues are forming soon! Contact us if you would like to join a league!

Call us at 419 332 1192 for more information!

Get into our Bowling Leagues and knock 'em down! No matter what your skill level, our bowling leagues are sure to please. Plaza Lanes offers a great selection of leagues for Youth, Senior, Men, Women, and Couples looking to bowl in a fun or competitive environment. We also offer morning leagues for those unable to bowl during the evening league setting! Below is a listing of all our leagues.


Click here for our league standings!



Senior League- Starts at 1:30pm, 3 person mixed teams. 55+ only!!

Monday Night Mixed League- Starts at 6:30pm, 5 person mixed teams.



Ladies Early League- Starts at 4:30pm, 2 person teams. Ladies only!!

Tuesday Night Men's League- Starts at 6:30pm, 5 person teams. Men only!!



Ladies Morning League- Starts at 10am, 4 person teams. Ladies only!!




Just for Fun League- Starts at 5pm, 3 person mixed teams.

Women's League- Starts at 6:30pm, 3 person teams. Ladies only!!

Thursday Night Men's League- Starts at 8pm, 4 person teams.



Friday Night Mixed League- Starts at 6:30pm, 5 person mixed teams.





Saturday Night Adult League- Starts at 6pm every other week. 4 person mixed teams.


Register by phone - Call 419-332-1192