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These cheap oakley sunglasses international standards are mandatory to follow because the lives of the passengers can be at risk if any of the mandatory law is oakley half jacket broken or overseen. Part malfunction especially the one involving windshield oakley jupiter can cause fatal accidents thus destroying numerous lives. Nearly a generation ago a new technology was implemented in the windshield lamination was the treatment adopted whereby two curved sheets of glass are bounded together with a plastic layer. This layer keeps the oakley x squared glass intact in case an oakley jawbone sunglasses accident occurs where as in old cars the glass used to shatter into a thousand pieces causing injuries and even fatality to the occupants.

Eyeglasses have some disadvantages. They are subject to damage and smearing. Glass and plastic lenses will scratch or shatter necessitating repair or replacement. They can also become smudged with food grease dirt body oils and pollution. Raindrops or sudden changes in the surrounding temperature also fog or cloud eyeglasses and decrease visibility.